Spring run with frogs


Map of the run

Saturday 10 May we took part inte spring run arranged by Austin Healey club and Mini Seven Club Sweden. Start was the Drottningholm castle on the island Lovön  in Stockholm.


Coffee break on Adelsö

The run took us around the islands in Mälaren, West of Stockholm. We followed a map and the other cars and we had a sheet of questions to answer along the drive. After ferry over to Adelsö we stopped on a parking lot for coffee. It gave us a chance to kick the tyres of all nice Mini and Austin Healey cars. And to chat with people of course.


Minis and frog

Minis and a frogeye

The finish was at a golf club where the winner got a prize and we had soup lunch with all nice people.

We came home late after covering about 300 km over the day with the rally Cooper. Very nice day, we’ll be back!