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Day five in England, Wednesday 30 August

Had a great day. Drove the Moke to nearest Sainsbury in Canterbury and bought breakfast ingredients which we cooked on the Trangia storm kitchen beside the tents on the sun.


We packed the tents and drove off. Down to Hythe and missed the train as there were no parking spaces so we drove along the coast instead.


We stopped for more groceries and then had picknick on the beach in Littlestone-on-Sea. Very lazy and nice, and we stayed for some hours.

We drove on into Rye and strolled around before we had an afternoon drink at Mermaid Inn.


The day ended at the Cock Inn in Peasmarsh, just northwest of Rye. We are camping behind the pub and had dinner and some drinks inside. Nice company, nice food and tasty beers. :-)







Day four in England, Tuesday 29 August

Day four in England, Tuesday 29 August.
Slow start of the day with breakfast on camp site as sister woke up early and drova a Sainsbury in Canterbury to shop bread, juice,milk and more.
We made up plans for the day, took a shower and then set off, six people in two Mini Coopers MK1, the Moke was left on camp.
Canterbury was first on list with the cathedral, some shopping and cream tea in a very old house.

We filled petrol and then drove out east, to the coast and the very nice town Broadstairs. We walked on the beach, took photos and had a great afternoon drink.

On our way back to camp and the pub Chequers Inn we drove very small and very nice roads on the countryside, some single lane. :-)

The day ended with a great meal, desserts and real ales.
Vacation as it should be.

Day three in England, Monday 28 August

Day three in England, Monday 28 August. The heat wave is over and rain came during the night. We woke up on the b&b still fed up after the grilled dinner the day before so the lighter continental breakfast was ok for us. We took a long warm shower, who know when that will be possible next time?, and packed all our stuff into the cars.


We headed to the tourist information to find another b&b for the others. Beside the tourist information in Gravesend there was a statue of Pochahontas, the american indian princess that died here in year 1615.




It took time to find a b&n so meanwhile we went back to Chatham to take some turf zones and see the university area at the same time. We later met up with the others at the historical shipyard and had another walk around. This time we took the guided tour at the ropery, very interesting. Quite different from the tour on the submarine that we had the day before.



We headed out on the roads again, A2 to Faversham, down the A251 to Wye and there we met up with my sister and her man. After a drink we drove small nice scenic roads


We emded up at the Chequers Inn near Waltham south of Vanterbury where we found a camp site.   Pitched our tents and went to the pub. Unfortunately they served no food on monday nights but we had a late meal in the tent cooked on the Trangia storm kitchen . now the Moke is sleeping beside the Cooper outside the tent and we onside. Heavy rain during the night…. Hope it clears up during the day, otherwise its going to be indoor activities as visit to Cantwrbury cathedral or something like it. IMG_20140728_185238115

Second day in England

IMG_20140727_054852090Early morning in Heybridge, Máldon , England

IMG_20140727_105823733Traditional breakfast in Maldon.


We visited the historical dockyard in Chatham.


We then drove back to our B&B for the night, located in Northfleet/Gravesend.

First day in England

We had a late breakfast , were amused by the same entertainer as always and then the ferry was in port in Harwich.

The first petrol station where we always fill up was shutdown so had to find another one. We then left three other swedish teams and drove on in a small convoy of four Minis.

Walton on the nase

Walton on the nase

Our plan was to find a base camp in Walton-on-the-nase but very good weather, weekend and srart of holidays meant that everything was fully booked.. We drove on and on and on.. Passed Colchester and on. Stopped for a nice pub meal and then time was about 6pm.

Noce pub for a meal

Noce pub for a meal

We decided to split up. We drove on and found a campsite by the sea near to Maldon. Another team was offered space in our tent and as they didnt find snyhthing else they accepted despite they had no camping gear or sleeping bags.. Two other teams eventually found some rooms by Stansted airport..

After some beer in the evening sun by the sea we are now off to bed. :-)

lovely summerday in Denmark.


In Lökken ,Denmark you are allowed to drive on the beach all the way down to Blokhus, thats 14 kilometer. We took our beach car and drove some of those kilometers.

Our day started in Gothenburg, the ferry took us over to Fredrikshav in Denmark. We drove up to Skagen and walked out on grenen for a picnic lunch and to wade out and let two seas collide their waves between our legs.

We drove on to Hirtshals to visit the Oceanarium with big tanks filled with ocean life.

Out on the roads again in the 30 degrees celsius heat, the Moke was running a bit hot…

We drove via the beach in Lökken, se above.

The day ended with late and very nice home cooked dinner on beach in Klitmöller. This place is known as Cold Hawaii among surfers and every second csr has a surf board on top. Poeople were hanging on the beach after sunset and made camp fires in between the old bunkers.  Very nice place  :-)