Day six in England, Thursday 31 August

Day six in England, Thursday 31 August.

Lazy morning started the day. We cooked breakfast at the tents in the morning sun. We were still behind The Cock Inn in Peasmarsh. Everyone took a shower after all gears were packed into the cars and we set off, heading north towards Maidstone.

We realised that the Cooper was a bit tired , especially going upwards. After a quick diagnose at the lunch stop we came to the conclusion that the headgasket most probably is blown between cyl 2 and 3.


SomethingIMG_178659027647861 to fix on IMM.


The lunch stop was also a pre Imm beer with IMD- International Mini Drinkers. And it was held at the Ringlestone Inn, on the countryside 8 km east of Maidstone, very old and nice place.
We arrived to the looong queue into IMM at 1500 and were let in at about 1800. Many wellknown faces in the queue so time was flying.

The showground is quite big but we mansged to fin the other swedes, squeezed into a plot near to the markets and event hall. A bit away from the toilets and long away from showers so visits to these must be planned.
Tent up, beer out and then start to socialize :-)
At midnight we called it a day, brushed our teeth and went to bed.
Tomorrow market, people and arrival of a beloved woman.