Day 11 in England, Tuesday 5 August.

The International Mini Meeting, IMM2014, is over and we are on our way back to mainland of Europe, catching a ferry from Harwich this evening.

We had a great weekend at the meeting with loads of Minis, friends, parts, activities, dancing, exhibitions, and so on. Was great to meet all friends again and to meet some new. Around 5000 visitors were on the IMM and then there were day visitors during sunday. Dont know how many Minis that were on site, will let you know when I find out.

There were a lot of Mokes at the meeting and 82 of them was gstheted on a field one if the days, biggest collection of Mokes in one place for quite a while.

Next years IMM will be in Lithuania and in 2016 it will be in Belgium. So start planning now and begin work in garage.

I have loads of pictures but most of them in my camera so you will have to wait until I am back home until they are published.