Denmark, to nice to just blast through

Thursday 7 August

Woke up on south Fyn and had a nice breakfast with bread ordered the day before. We then packed all stuff and took off on small danish roads. The petrol level was a bit low so it was a challange to find a petrol station that was open och accepted our credit cards.

Odense was our next stop with lunch and trying to take some turfzones. No datatraffic on the mobile made the latter unsuccesful…

We drove on on small roads and eventually reached the Stora Bält bridge. We were not as smart as M & T in the Cooper who claimed the car was under three metres and only psid half fee. The traffic over the bridge was a bit hectic, loads of wind from the side and we were in the Moke. But we made it! We the took off to smaller roads again and this time aiming to the northern part of Sjaelland.

Nice roads took us to the ferry Rörvig-Hundested, short crossing of only 20 minutes sailing. The ferry was fully booked but as we had so small cars they squeezed us in.

We started to look for a place to set camp for the night and passed several sites that were not suitable. Day ended finally in Rågeleje where we had a meal on a restaurant, took a stroll on the beach during sunset and the set camp on a campsite.