1 November, on our way to NSR2014

So after a week in Germany with work related activities it was time for start of vacation and to take part in the November Sun Run.
This lovely saturday morning I woke up in Hamburg and the Swedish teams arrived with ferry to Kiel from Gothenburg. It was Marika and Thomas in the Volvo Amazon -70 and Joel driving my Cooper -62.
I sent my coordinates and shirtly after lunch they arrived to the intersection of road 431 and Notkestrasse in western parts of Hamburg , just some blocks from DESY which I had visited.
The cars was running fine and the crews looked happy. They were a bit late due to some adjustments done to the Cooper.. The flasher relay was a bit faulty and had tried to solve it without success. Now it is manual turn signal, on off on off on off…
We filled petrol and headed out on Autobahn, in the chaotic german traffic. Through the Elbe tunnel and then there was a road construction work where we took wrong exit… We ended up on the road going southeast. Short stop, discussion and map reading and then we headed off again. A bit more on this road and then a connecting road to the west so we got back on road 1 towards Bremen.
Stop for lunch at a roadside restaurant, rasthof, was well needed as we all began to loose focus.
We drove on, stopped for petrol outside Osnabrück and drove on again.
Time was now about 17.30 and sun set and it began to be a bit dark.
We passed Hagen and found the exit we had looking for, just to the east of Köln. We were aiming for a small village called Kürten and instead of following instructions we took a shortcut… Very small, twisty roads, up and down, a real practise for the upcoming rally. The auxiliary light came to use as it was a bit dark. Would have been great to try these roads daytime as well.
After some exploring of local streets we finally found our hotel for the night, Hungenbach hof. Nice old houses, restaurant and a spa in the basement where we ended up with some beers before the beds were calling for us. Zzz..