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Passed MOT


Yippie! The Mini Moke passed the test at the MOT- station yesterday. I hsd done some service to fix the things they complained on last time:
1.changed brake cylinder in the back and changed all brake fluid as I was on it, to have functioning brakes on all wheels and balanced side wise.
2. washed the engine to get rid of all oil and did a last minute wipe off to remove small drops of oil, to avoid complains of oil leaks
3. changed oil, oilfilter, airfilter and adjusted the carburettor to get a weaker mix and lower CO readings

It succeeded and it passed MOT. But that doesnt mean there is no work left. First I have to adjust carburettor to get a richer mix, before any valves are burnt. And then there are some rust in the floor to take care of.
But that can wait :-)

November Sun Run 2017

Halda Tripmaster TRM2

Halda Tripmaster TRM2

Time flies and it is soon time for another November Sun Run trip, the rally in France that we have taken part of the last five years.
To make myself realise that I had to do something. So I bought a Halda Tripmaster TRM2 with plastic cover, for a good price.
Next step is to drive the car to the workshop and start work!