NSR2017, Day 4, 21/10

Travel report:
Day 4 Saturday 21 October, Bielefeldt, Germany – Dinant, Belgium
We had a very nice Breakfast with David. Lots of laughs, as always. :-)
Back to the cars where Peter fixed a soundbuster on RallyCountryman with two screws in the last exhaust pipe, to crush the standing waves…
David took oss to a visit Lenkwerk, where there were lots of nice cars and bikes, we had a coffee and then off again.
After fill up David then lead us out on Autobahn nr2.
The RallyCountryman was running very well, but a bit noisy from tyres and exhaust. Onto road nr 1. Stop for late lunch/coffee outside Dortmund. Road nr 4, road nr 42 into Belgium.
Off motorway south to N95, passing Huy nuclear power plant.
Arriving to the goal of the day, Dinant, where we drove through and took a quick look of town, located just by the river, beside the mountain side, narrow streets, Castle on hill, pothole in street, noise from front wheel, pitstop, loose little plate in yoke, fixed!. Further on when leaving town, a sudden Speedbump!! New noise, same problem…
Arrived to Hotel Castle de Pont-’a- Lesse.
Fixed the brakes. Checked in. Hanging in bar until free table in restaurant. Nice beer but the food for Micke and Thomas was disappointing, raw meat and bad quality meat. Another beer and then to bed. Zzzz