NSR2017: Day 6, Monday 23/10.

NSR2017: Day 6, Monday 23/10.
Woke up at 9, simple breakfast, checkout, out to fix the car. Got the washer in behind the clutch release bearing, now we have travel enough and it all can be mounted, adjusted and tested. It works!!
We drove off from Reims, soon onto the motorway straight down to Breinne-la-chateu. Money, calibration and then register.
Maria and Thomas went for lunch and shopping. Micke and Peter went to hotel in Doulancourt, to check in, plot maps and eat. But restaurant was closed so we drove into Bar-sur-aube for petrol, shopping and food. We also bought an extra rubber hose to Leopard the Amazon who had a broken rubber for one inlet from carburettor.
Back to hotel to help out fixing the Amazon, putting door numbers on the cars and then the boys took off to the reception dinner. Marika was tired so she had a relaxed evening. Dinner was very nice and we then left for some sleep before the exciting start of the rally.
Stay tuned we’ll be back with reports.