NSR2017: Day 7, Tuesday 24/10. Rally day 1

NSR2017: Day 7, Tuesday 24/10.
Rally day 1

Early bird, woke up at 6.30am to shower, pack stuff, load into car, have breakfast and then off from Doulancourt into Bar-sur-aube. Petrol again, toilet on petrol station, the to start area and line up for start while chatting to everyone. Great fun and very exciting.
Three, two, one and off we went. Full control, driving carefully and not missing anything. At least in the beginning….
It was very challenging the first two sections, tricky questions, code boards to find, passing control boards to assure that you were on the right Road, secret passage control, and all that with a team that didn’t practice much beforehand. We made it to coffee stop, handed in form for section 1, got a stamp to start section 2, then off without any coffee and still we were late to lunch stop. Due to some navigational failures.
Lunch stop was at Duoamont Ossuary in Verdun. Scary and thoughtful place, loads and loads of lifes were spilled here, to what use?
We plotted the map in rain and the off again.
When we reached the today’s goal in Metz the mood in the team was not on top, much more to the negative side.
Micke went for fuel and to do adjustments of the car and Peter checked in to hotel and plotted map.
During dinner there was a presentation of results, we were in the middle, great! but still this negative mood… There was quick decision from Micke, swap seats for tomorrow, fits Micke as bad elbow and bad knee from work on clutch . Bad night of sleep ahead for Micke though…
We’ll be back with reports.