NSR2017: Day 8, Wednesday 25/10. Rally day 2

NSR2017: Day 8, Wednesday 25/10.
Rally day 2
Up early again, pack stuff into the car, breakfast, Peter was today’s driver so he gets the car ready and Micke as navigator check out with a stamp from the organisers on the form.
Out on the road and the first sections gets us extra mileage as the inexperienced navigator Micke didn’t plot good enough and some tricky questions made us go back and forth in villages.
At first passage control in Sarrebourg we got a burger to the coffee, just in case it would be long time until lunch, as yesterday.
We made it til lunch break and had found several passage control boards (A4 yellow boards with letters on) and answers to questions. Not bad!
Another meal and then we were ready for section 6 that was given out in an sealed envelope. Open it up, read instructions and then plot the afternoon section. And we marked the questions on the map as well. Later it turned out that one question was marked on wring place and one was missing! :-o
We started and it turned out to be a fun afternoon for Peter as driver, very twisty roads in the woods and mountains. The rally tyres were useless as it was bare asphalt and they were a bit instable sidewise. The car behaved good, a bit warm going uphill, the fanbelt needs to be checked and noisy as always. Through a forest with several code boards to look out after. After a detour due to closed road we finally reached the hotel in Germany just north of Wissembourg just before it became dark. People were enjoying drinks to get the road dust out of the throat and to exchange stories about the day. Peter checked in to the hotel and Micke checked the brakes on the car.
A nice dinner waited after that and some results were presented. We had added 40 points since yesterday so we are now up in 71 in total. Still somewhere in the middle, not first and not last.
The mood of the team was a bit better today, so swapping seats was a good trick, we’ll keep those positions tomorrow as well. The we will se if Micke has learnt any navigation or if we will gain even more points??!!
Stay tuned.