NSR2017: Day 8, Thursday 26/10. Rally day 3

Rally report:

NSR2017: Day 8, Thursday 26/10.
Rally day 3

Section 7
Hotel Süd Pfalz – Fort Schönenbourg
Starts with filling the spare can as we forgot to find a petrol station the night before. Then off, found the right way and got a stamp at a secret passage control. Through a German forest and the over the border into France. Got all passage control boards and questions except the last question when we in search for petrol ended up in Wissembourg and had to do a quick drive to the passage control at a cafe next to Fort Schoenenbourg. Hand in the form and got a stamp on next as we showed the sealed envelope. Coffee and plotting while chatting to other teams.

Section 7a, sealed envelope, open and plot, Fort Schönenbourg-Simsenhof.
Milage was checked and off we went. Tough beginning of the section with passage control boards, questions and code boards. And when a sig about Road blocked 4900m ahead with had to make a decision, reroute directly or give it a go and hope the the block was after a smaller white road that could be used as alternative route. We took a chance and it paid off, we got a question and a code board!
Then out on a transportation stretch with only one passage control boards to find.
Next passage control was at Simsenhof, a fort in the maginot line. We had some extra kilometers and one missed code board. Not bad.

There was a visit to Simserhof included and it was really interesting place.

Free drive back to the hotel and we got back at 6.30 pm. We had a drink and then it was time for another fine dinner.
Results was presented, we got 22 points during the day , now total 93 points, place 21 overall and place 13 in class.

After a visit on a local pub we went back to plot and then Zzzzleeep.