NSR2017: Day 9, Friday 27/10. Rally day 4

Rally report
NSR2017: Day 9, Friday 27/10.
Rally day 4

Get up, long breakfast, load all stuff in the car as we aimed for a new hotel following night, stamp the card and start today’s rally.

Section 9 Wissembourgh-mt St Odile
We started in rain and filled up with petrol as soon as we could and tok it easy as it was questions, passing control boards and codeboards to keep an eye after.
Two thirds into the section we realised that we were a bit after time schedule. We had to press the pedal to get in time for checkout for next section.
Uphill to Mont St Odile the car was sweating power and when we got up to the monastery it had stopped raining. Micke rushed into passing control only to be told there was no time…
We skipped coffee and took off to have some more time for lunch instead.

Section 10 Mont St Odile – Riquewihr
This was a nice section that took us up and down. Serpentine roads, views and the weather became better and better.
We arrived Riquewihr with all controls taken and had a nice lunch in a Frog restaurant, no frogs were eaten though.

Section 11 Riquewihr – Colmar
Section was in sealed envelope that was opened and plotted. Very fast and short section. No questions, only codeboards and Passing control boards and we took them all!. Some tricky smaller junctions and local roads and then we reached the goal. Hotel L’Europe in Colmar.

Celebrations started on the parking, sunshine and happiness took the atmosphere to the sky! Photo sessions, strange drinks, laughs. Some went for swim and sauna, others to the bar. Then off for a shower and dress upp for the final dinner and prize giving ceremony.

We ended up with 113 points that gave us place nr 17 total and place 9 in class. That’s not bad at all as it was 70 teams that started the rally.

Celebration was going on until late…