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Yellow Moke, heap of rust..


Rust under crossmember

The plan to get the yellow Moke out running is still valid. But it goes very slow. There is some rust to take care about…
I thought it was ready for mounting the rear subframe but I found a small hole, that grew.
Here I now stand with the crossmember cut away and some big holes in the rear load bay area floor.
Hmm, sheet netal, scissors and a netal brake would helt to form new parts and then its time to start the welder.
I’ll be back with reports.

Renovating the hood frame

The goal for this summer is to drive the green African Mini Moke to the IMM in England. One of the first step, the MOT, went well. Now we are checking the mechanical parts, touchup of the exterior and to rebuild it to long distance mode with packing box for all gear and mounting other seats.

The hood came off and so did the hood frame. I have never touched the frame since I got hold of it. It actually comes from the spare parts Moke, the yellow one named miss Moneypenny . The frame hade some surface rust and was so worn that three different layers of colour was visible.


Me and my son started to scrape old paint off. It took a while as we did it by hand. Could have been a good option to sand blast it but the primitive cabinet that we have in the garage is not big enough. Another option would be to use an electric drill with a wire brush. But we sat in the sun (shadow after a while) and had a nice chat meanwhile.

After using knife to chip off big pieces of paint we sanded the frame and then cleaned it off with thinner.

I used black glossy paint and handpainted it with a brush. I had tested the paint on some other parts and knew that the result would be a strong and smooth surface.


The hood frame is now drying in the garage and we’ll see if the outcome is worth mounting!?

Rust in every corner

I had an afternoon in the workshop yesterday and played around with the grinder and welder with mixed results. I must say that I´m impressed by the people that are panel beating and welding experts. They make it look so easy when they just cut out some old rusty metal and then on free hand cut out a bit of new metal, transform it to a spare part with exact fit that is then welded into place. After minimal work with the grinder you can hardly see that repair has been done.

I´m not there, yet! One problem is to decide where to cut and how much to cut out of the rusty parts. I think its better to be sure that the rust is gone and therefor take some extra. And after yesterdays work I can add that its better to take bigger parts away to reach natural borders of the original structure. Making small patches sounds like a good idea but is very hard to do nice, at least with my limited skills.

subframe mounting

Well after some hours of work I had at least done some smaller patching, that I won´t show on picture here in the blog…, and also replaced two corners of the right hand side, rear mounting for the front subframe on the yellow Mini Moke. Then I ran out of ATAL gas for the MIG welder. I cleaned up in the mess, placed the tools on the bench, washed myself and had a cup of coffee while acting fire guard for a bit more than an hour before I left for home. Back on it later in the week!