Rust in every corner

I had an afternoon in the workshop yesterday and played around with the grinder and welder with mixed results. I must say that I´m impressed by the people that are panel beating and welding experts. They make it look so easy when they just cut out some old rusty metal and then on free hand cut out a bit of new metal, transform it to a spare part with exact fit that is then welded into place. After minimal work with the grinder you can hardly see that repair has been done.

I´m not there, yet! One problem is to decide where to cut and how much to cut out of the rusty parts. I think its better to be sure that the rust is gone and therefor take some extra. And after yesterdays work I can add that its better to take bigger parts away to reach natural borders of the original structure. Making small patches sounds like a good idea but is very hard to do nice, at least with my limited skills.

subframe mounting

Well after some hours of work I had at least done some smaller patching, that I won´t show on picture here in the blog…, and also replaced two corners of the right hand side, rear mounting for the front subframe on the yellow Mini Moke. Then I ran out of ATAL gas for the MIG welder. I cleaned up in the mess, placed the tools on the bench, washed myself and had a cup of coffee while acting fire guard for a bit more than an hour before I left for home. Back on it later in the week!