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Spring run with frogs


Map of the run

Saturday 10 May we took part inte spring run arranged by Austin Healey club and Mini Seven Club Sweden. Start was the Drottningholm castle on the island Lovön  in Stockholm.


Coffee break on Adelsö

The run took us around the islands in Mälaren, West of Stockholm. We followed a map and the other cars and we had a sheet of questions to answer along the drive. After ferry over to Adelsö we stopped on a parking lot for coffee. It gave us a chance to kick the tyres of all nice Mini and Austin Healey cars. And to chat with people of course.


Minis and frog

Minis and a frogeye

The finish was at a golf club where the winner got a prize and we had soup lunch with all nice people.

We came home late after covering about 300 km over the day with the rally Cooper. Very nice day, we’ll be back!

Markets, parts, people, cars and coffee.

Viksta market

The Moke in good company of other classic vehicles.

The first first market of the year in our region, Viksta market 26 April, is also the first drive after winter for many owners of classic vehicles.

As I had the Cooper a bit dismantled I started up the Mini Moke and drove it in the fine weather to the market. The local Mini drivers were a bit unorganised this year so I drove there myself.

On the market I had a feeling that it was bigger than usual, many of the late arrivals couldn’t park their classics on the area meant for classics, they had to park beside everyday cars.

I strolled for several hours and met up with many of the usual visitors. Nice to chat with them, some had not been seen since last season. I didn’t find that many parts to buy. Lucky me, as the storage is full, I should have been here and sell things!

model car

I found one nice model Mini on one stand

Except for the Moke I saw only two other Minis on site. :-(  Where were the other ones? Not ready for the season? I hope to see more on upcoming events!

rhd mini for sale

Newly restored Mini for sale on the market. Right hand driven


Time for summer wheels

cooper s rims

Cooper s rims

Summer is or at least spring and the first official club run of the year. Start at Drottningholm castle on Saturday May 10. But I realised that I still have studded winter tyres on the rally Cooper! Time to dig out some road legal summer tyres on nice rims from the “collection”. Maybe go for Cooper S rims with gravel rally tyres? Or the set of Revolution rims with Yokohama A008? Or just plain steel standard rims with standard tyres? Hmm….

All those projects

cox gtm

How many projects can one have standing and waiting for time, money and work? I sure have too many right now, the tempo is to low to justify them just standing around. Maybe time for a change? But will I ever find similar objects again? On the other hand if someone else buys them there is a bigger chance that they will come to life again and can be seen out on the streets.

The risk is that when there will be empty space on the garage, I will try to locate other nice projects, as the one above for example. A swedish Cox Gtm! But that ad is ten years old, and the car is probably in Norway today…

I guess I’m stuck with the projects for a while more and that I will have to speed up repairing them instead!

See you!