Renovating the hood frame

The goal for this summer is to drive the green African Mini Moke to the IMM in England. One of the first step, the MOT, went well. Now we are checking the mechanical parts, touchup of the exterior and to rebuild it to long distance mode with packing box for all gear and mounting other seats.

The hood came off and so did the hood frame. I have never touched the frame since I got hold of it. It actually comes from the spare parts Moke, the yellow one named miss Moneypenny . The frame hade some surface rust and was so worn that three different layers of colour was visible.


Me and my son started to scrape old paint off. It took a while as we did it by hand. Could have been a good option to sand blast it but the primitive cabinet that we have in the garage is not big enough. Another option would be to use an electric drill with a wire brush. But we sat in the sun (shadow after a while) and had a nice chat meanwhile.

After using knife to chip off big pieces of paint we sanded the frame and then cleaned it off with thinner.

I used black glossy paint and handpainted it with a brush. I had tested the paint on some other parts and knew that the result would be a strong and smooth surface.


The hood frame is now drying in the garage and we’ll see if the outcome is worth mounting!?