Monday 3 November

Summary of Monday 3 November
On our way to NSR2014

We woke up in sleepy village Kedange and skipped breakfast, it was not included, and 8 Euro were none of us interested to pay for a medioker breakfast. Instead we packed the csrs, checked out and took off..
Drove to the motorway to avoid traffic in Thionville and Metz. We drove until we found a motorway stop whete we had breakfast and filled up petrol, we managed to fill 23,3 liter in the Cooper, 25 liters tank…
Passed Metz, took off motorway into small roads, we looked for some greenmarked scenic roads and they were actually very nice, but it was not the straightest way so ot took a lot of time to drive.
We visited the a monument on top of a hill, Buttés de Montsec. From ww1, a hill hold by Germans for years but they finally lost it after an attack by 550.000 American soldiers, 110.000 french soldiers, a lot of aeroplanes and tanks.
We wete noe very hungry so wr stopped for lunch in Joinkil, todays dish for 5,50 euro.
Met David Wars and Malcolm at their hotel for the night that we happened to pass some kilometers outside Brienne la Chateau.
Calibration of the speedometers were done by driving a known distance, 11,78 km, and read the odometers difference between start and finish.
We then drove to Brienne la Vielle to register for the rally. Here we met uo with organisers and several other teams.
We went to shop some emergency foid, drinks and fryit, filled up petrol in the Cars, got some money from an ATM.
Hotel check in, unpack, wash off road dust, do dome plotting of the map and then off to the reception/welcome dinner. Nice food and friendly people. We drove back to hotel by approx 22.00 and did some more plotting before we went to sleep at 00.00.