NSR2014: Summary of day 2

Summary of 5 November, day 2 of NSR2014.
Day 2 of the rally
After a good sleep the alarm clock rang, quite early up but we wanted breakfast and shower before takeoff, we even had time to check the car for loose bolts in the front wheel suspension .
Start order wad reversed today, we now starting at 08.31.
We spent a lot of time in the beginning looking for petrol, so we lost time and added distance. We lost even more time when we stopped and helped Jan with ignition problem, twice… But that helped us as we siphoned some petrol from his tank… We got some more petrol from the recovery truck that happened to pass, that was good as we had already emptied the spare can.
Then there was very active driving to catch up for lost time .
Late in for lunch in La Bourboulle (?), lost 9 minutes…. But we had covered at least 223 km so far!
We had some bananas, chocolate and coke that replaced lunch.
Then off again, this section was only about 100 km .
Afternoon was easier, but lot of of fast , active driving, in company with Jan and Dave in the Works Mini replica. Then another Mini joined is, great fun, very tight, fast and a putting the car on test!
Arrived back to hotel in St Nectaire at 17.00. We have practically driven in a circle around St Nectaire today, think the area is called Volcans des Auvergne.
Now beer then wash off road dust before dinner.
Guess we will do plotting for tomorrow before sleep.