NSR2014, 7 November, last day

Day 4 of the rally
Last day!
After a night with a lousy sleep I went to the breakfast room and found Roger and asked him if he could help us to solve the problem with our car . No problems, he had two spare wheel studs and another guy that had an extra nut. The repair of our car was then quick done by Joel, the wheel studs was changed without any bigger problems. And now the wheel angles also looked a bit better after yesterday’s adjustment.
We had breakfast, packed our gear into the car and checked out from the hotel.
We drove southeast, down to big river and then over.
Today we were the hare passing the tortoises several times as we missed lots of questions when driving to fast.
We overtook other teams, met them when we were going back and then overtook them again.
There were several questions, two photo questions and code boards to find during todays section.
We had changed seats again and today I drove a bit more relaxed, not pushing so hard. I had yesterday’s experience on mind as well as the snapped wheel bolts…
We got to the manned passage control, had some coffe and then took off on the ladt stretch, over some mountains and then up towards the goal at Alpes d’Huez.
The other swedish team in the Volvo Amazon had had some problems , the car had some hickups but after removing the air filter and cleaning the petrol filter it ran again . They catched up with us and we had a nice drive together, many photo opportunities with the cars driving in the beautiful scenery with the high mountains that were all around us.
It was a very nice sunny day and we stopped several time to take photos and to see the views.
We found one out of two photo questions , missed some of the other questions and found only a few code boards. We were not going to win this …
We filled petrol and then started the climb up the twisty road up to Alpes d’Huez. The Cooper is not the fastest car going uphill, especially not fully loaded!
Yippee, we reached the goal, the ski resort of Alpes d’Huez, and we had climbed the famous road known from the Tour de France bicycle races.
I think we were one of the last cars to reach the goal.
We completed our sheet and then handed it in to the marshals.
After photo session we went looking for lunch. We were a bit late and the only open restaurant closed as we entered….
We decided to skip lunch and to begin the descent and drive to the hotel for the night, Novotel in Vorleppe, North of Grenoble, some 80 km away.
We eventually found the hotel and parked amonh the other ralky csrs outside.
All teams gathered in the bar to celebrate the end of the rally before showers and dressup for the gala dinner and prize giving ceremony.
We did the other way around and started with a quick shower and then the celebrations started . The dinner was very nice and then the results came!
The other swedish team, in the Volvo Amazon , Marika and Thomas, really scored. They got mentioned for very nice protocols and it turned that they were the Winners of their class and second overall ! Big congratulations! :-)
Our team ended up in place 26 of 48 finishing teams. We were happy , we had resched the goal and had really fun along the way.
Were were also taking part of the team challenge and was beaten with very small margin. Our team was called FAST – French Anglosaxon Swedish Team as we had one car from France(Jan and Dave) , one from Britain ( Kevin and Nigel) and one from Sweden(Micke and Joel) .
Donations for charity was collected ad usual.
The celebrations continued in the bar after the dinner and everyone was happy!
Now its only the travel home left! Planning to be back on Uppsala on monday.