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Parts on the way.

I got a message from my parts supplier. They were out of stock on some seals so they couldn’t ship. On Friday they got the seals, packed it all and shipped it.
Will take some days, so theres a risk that next course night on Monday evenibg will he another one without parts to mount.
I guess that we then will dig in to one of the remote “things” , the part that transfer the movement from the gear stick to the gearbox.
And drink coffee of course!

Wonder when parts will arrive?

gearbox parts

Gearbox parts

Wednesday evening we have the next meeting in the series of course nights of renovating a gearbox to a Mini.
I have ordered some parts and just wonder if they will arrive in time?
Otherwise we will have to dismount another gearbox, clean all parts or just drink a lot of coffee and tell stories!

Yellow Moke, heap of rust..


Rust under crossmember

The plan to get the yellow Moke out running is still valid. But it goes very slow. There is some rust to take care about…
I thought it was ready for mounting the rear subframe but I found a small hole, that grew.
Here I now stand with the crossmember cut away and some big holes in the rear load bay area floor.
Hmm, sheet netal, scissors and a netal brake would helt to form new parts and then its time to start the welder.
I’ll be back with reports.

course “How to repair a Mini gearbox”

997 Cooper gearbox.

997 Cooper gearbox

Something to get up the activity level in the Mini garage, a course of how to renovate a Mini gearbox, has started in Uppsala.
We are a some local Miniacs that meet every week to drink coffee, discuss and work on a Mini gearbox. Maybe there will be some more gearboxes to restore so everyone showing up can get more than knowledge out if it.
The experience is mixed, someone has restored gearboxes before and others are total novices.
The idea is to find out how the gearbox works, how to take it apart, how to say if its worn or not, tell what parts to change, make an order list, order, sn then reassemble the gearbox with an eye on the details and with precision.
I will be back with reports.